Job Hire Q&A #1: With Michael MidKnight - Michael MidKnight shares his thoughts & insight on recent questions gathered from over the past few weeks. #fun #humor #employment #interview #money #jobs #career #employee #job #foreverhire #help #midknight #fun

Job Hire Q&A #1: With Michael MidKnight

While on the path to employment or while being employed, you are going to want to ask questions. Big questions, little questions, perhaps strange questions. This Q&A Series is exactly that. Michael MidKnight shares his thoughts and insight on recent questions gathered from over the past few weeks. This Episode is sponsored in part by…
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Being the Boss

Known for their cruel, tyrannical, sadistic and extreme ways, their reliability is indeed as questionable as their perversion. Wait, those are notes on Caligula, a Roman emperor who ruled from AD 37 to AD 41. Lets start that over. Being an owner, partner, the head of the professional table, the one who calls the shots,…
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Relative Negativity – How to Engage, Confront & Combat It.

The people who always seem to have drama going on in their lives. Who want to relive those hard times over and over at those family get togethers. Those people who just focus on the sky falling personally, professionally, or perhaps with more serious malicious intent. People do not agree for a majority of reasons…
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Deception & Integrity

For those who work based on creating partnerships & creating strategy & content for other brands / businesses, you are going to see a lot of emails. Like an email from “Dan Johnson”, who reached out via email several times about a great opportunity, to have the phone ring before hitting “send” had cooled off.…
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The Value of Negotiation

The Value of Negotiation – Lets talk about it. Over the weekend, I was at a garage sale with a variety of expensive items the homeowner was selling. My friend who was with me saw something they liked, but didn’t want to pay $40 for it. I looked, and mentioned it was able to be…
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The Thought of Being Authentic.

This can be with a client, a customer, a coworker, a child or for your career. People want to deal with people they know they want to work with, do business with, and ultimately, professionally, trust. There is nothing wrong with being nice to someone whom you don’t like, agree with, or even… hate. There…
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